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Whenever a home owner installs wall cavity insulation, the contractor is required to register the work with a guarantee agency such as CIGA. At this stage the home owner should receive a certificate guaranteeing the work. In the case of an installation that was installed under a Green Deal, the contractor could not be paid until a certificate had been issued.

More and more customers are now coming forward to say that their installation had not been registered. There are a number of reasons for this; it could have been due to the scheme funding having expired or that the insulation installed was not in date. If this is the case the contractor may have decided not to register because there was no longer any financial incentive for them to do so.

For the homeowner this can affect their claim, plus it could mean that they have sub-standard wall cavity insulation so it is essential that they obtain a copy of the guarantee in order to check if there are any faults on their installation. Learn more about the CIGA Guarantee.

Unfortunately the CIGA charges £42, at the time of writing, for a copy of the CIGA Certificate, but you have 2 options for obtaining your CIGA certificate absolutely free of charge…

How To Get Your CIGA Certificate For FREE

You can obtain your CIGA file, including your guarantee FREE OF CHARGE under the Data Protection Act.

CIGA Certificate

A copy of the guarantee certificate is essential in order to progress with a legal claim and will need to be filed with a solicitor before you can take any action. You will need this as evidence if there are any faults in your cavity wall insulation.

You can obtain a copy of your CIGA Certificate free of charge under a Subject Access Request, which is very easy to do. CIGA issued around 6 million of these guarantees, but the same rule applies to any other issuing agency.

What is a Subject Access Request? In simple terms this is a request that is made formally either verbally or in writing. The request is covered under the Data Protection Act. There is a legal obligation for CIGA to provide, when requested, a copy of ALL information they keep on record regarding you, or your property. This is a legal requirement.

The Subject Access Request may be made by telephone or in writing. The Information Commission website can give you more information on this.

If sending the request in writing the best method would be either email, or by a letter sent via recorded delivery. By tracking the delivery you can then follow up the written request by telephone and make sure that it is being followed up appropriately.

If you decide to telephone CIGA to make the Subject Access Request you need to state clearly that this is what you require and that under the Data Protection Act you are asking them to provide you with all your information which should include a copy of the CIGA guarantee certificate. This can be provided via the postal service or by email.

You do not have to tell CIGA why you are making this request and they have a statutory duty to take action on this within 30 days. You will need this paperwork for your files and it will almost certainly be needed should you decide to sell your property.

If the wall cavity installation was already in place when you purchased your home you are still entitled to claim against the guarantee; the rights were transferred when you purchased the property. You will probably have to supply your details to CIGA so they can keep their own records up to date.

CIGA will need certain information to fulfil your request because they have a legal duty to ensure that the property is registered to you under the Data Protection Act. They will ask for proof of ID and address so if you decide to make your request by email it will save time if you attach copies of your ID and a utility bill or other proof of address, which should be dated within the last 3 months.

Always keep a record of what you send to CIGA and when dealing with them by telephone make extensive notes and take the name of the person you speak to, the date and time, to store with your household records.

Making a Subject Access Request can be a little daunting and can take time. We offer another option…

We Will Pay For Your CIGA Certificate

When you complete the form below one of our advisers will contact you to discuss the exact nature of your cavity wall insulation problems. We will arrange for a professional surveyor to visit your property and make a report. If at this stage you have a legitimate claim then we will pay for your CIGA Certificate and deal with the agency ourselves to save you the hassle and potential stress. Just complete the short form below now to get your claim underway.

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Will I have to contribute towards the cost?

No! The problems you are experiencing from your cavity wall insulation are not your fault. Consequently you are not liable for the cost of taking care of these problems. Poor, improper or unprofessional installation are to blame and the company that installed your installation, their insurance company or the CIGA Guarantee will cover all costs and compensation payments.

Further to that we offer a No Win No Fee arrangement. It really is cost free with free repairs to your property and a large lump sum payment as compensation. Why not get in touch today to make your claim, you literally have nothing to lose in making that initial enquiry and everything to gain! Just complete the simple form above.

What happens if I have a successful claim?

When your claim is successful, cash compensation will be awarded as part of your claim and the total amount will be awarded to you as soon as possible after the claim is successful and the funds become available. The next step is to make repairs and fixes to your property, which could involve cavity wall extraction and/or other work to rectify the issues with your property. Cavity Wall Compensation Claims have a dedicated team of surveyors, solicitors and highly skilled building professionals that can guide you through the whole process. Start your claim now.

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