Cavity Wall Compensation Claims

Mis-sold Cavity Wall Insulation is a
‘a scandal’

Up to 3 million homes in the UK are suffering from damp, mould, rot and other issues following an ill conceived initiative by the government that saw cowboy builders go on a massive scamming spree.
Is your home one of them?

You could be eligible for compensation!
The average claim is £23,000!

MILLIONS of UK homes have been affected by well known companies and rogue traders poorly installing cavity wall insulation to cash in on government incentives.
Claim back the damages to your home today with Industry experts in cavity wall damage compensation claims.






What You Need To Know To Claim Cavity Wall Compensation

Rising Damp

If cavity wall insulation has caused damage to your property or if your health has been affected by dampness and mould as a result of an inadequate cavity wall insulation, you can very well be eligible to claim cavity wall compensation. When cavity wall insulation is not properly installed, water can leak into your walls and cause damp patches that eventually become mould that can be toxic.

Mould, as you may already know, can cause health problems and even worsen existing medical conditions, especially respiratory conditions. However, mould is not the worst of your problems because poor cavity wall insulation can lead to subsidence and several other structural problems.

So, if you believe this is happening to you as a cause of cavity wall insulation, you could make the compensation claim to the company you hired to install your cavity wall insulation so they cover the removal expenses. Even if the company that made the installation is no longer in business, their insurance company will still be liable. Continue reading to learn more about cavity wall insulation and what can happen to your home and health if it’s not properly installed.

A Few Quick Questions

Do you have health threatening damp or musty smells in your home?
Damp and musty smells can have their origin in mould, both visible and hidden. Mould as you may already know, can cause serious health problems and even worsen existing medical conditions, especially respiratory conditions. Your family could be at risk of damaging health issues and you should investigate the issue, find the source and rectify it as soon as possible. Learn more about health issues.
Does your home suffer from damp or mould?
The problem with cavity wall insulation is that homeowners won’t notice right away if it was poorly installed. Dampness issues usually take a few weeks or even longer to appear and they usually become very obvious after a couple of winters. That means that customers can have these cavity wall insulation issues and not be aware of it, which makes it very difficult to deal with the problem before you get mould patches around the house.

Granted, most dampness problems caused by cavity wall insulation occur in homes that were built before the 1980s. The most troublesome insulation material seems to be mineral-wool fibre, which are loose fibres that are blown in through drilled holes in the outer side of the brick wall. This material has proven to be anything but waterproof and it actually enables moisture and dampness because it can actually soak up rainwater and therefore it defeats the whole purpose of the insulating effect.

If your walls are holding moisture, the evaporation will render the thermal insulation qualities of the wall practically void. This means that your fuel bills won’t be reduced as promised. When it comes to inadequate cavity wall insulation, mould is definitely a major concern because it produces allergens, irritants and even toxic substances that can harm your health by inhalation or direct contact with the mould.

As mentioned elsewhere the black mould that eventually develops is called Stachybotrys and it is extremely toxic to humans and should not be ignored.

Are you worried that your cavity wall insulation was not installed correctly?
To achieve professional and correct installation of the cavity wall insulation the installer should ensure that no space or gaps were left uninsulated. If space or gaps were left around the insulation this can lead to condensation as warm air escapes from the interior to meet cold air from the exterior. Unfortunately for various reasons thousands upon thousands of UK homes have had insulation incorrectly installed.

If the answer to any of these questions is yes! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

The total estimate of homes with cavity walls is over 19 million. Of those 19 million homes, 13.4 million have been insulated and that includes the 3.4 million homes that have been insulated since 2008.

That means that cavity wall insulation installation is done in quite a hurry, and we know that nothing good can come from that.

We have surveyors available throughout the country and solicitors ready to get your claim underway, just complete the short form below now. There is compensation waiting!

The Average Compensation Is £23,000! Claims Are Paid Within Weeks!

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Will I have to contribute towards the cost?

No! The problems you are experiencing from your cavity wall insulation are not your fault. Consequently you are not liable for the cost of taking care of these problems. Poor, improper or unprofessional installation are to blame and the company that installed your installation, their insurance company or the CIGA Guarantee will cover all costs and compensation payments.

Further to that we offer a No Win No Fee arrangement. It really is cost free with free repairs to your property and a large lump sum payment as compensation. Why not get in touch today to make your claim, you literally have nothing to lose in making that initial enquiry and everything to gain! Just complete the simple form above.

What happens if I have a successful claim?

When your claim is successful, cash compensation will be awarded as part of your claim and the total amount will be awarded to you as soon as possible after the claim is successful and the funds become available. The next step is to make repairs and fixes to your property, which could involve cavity wall extraction and/or other work to rectify the issues with your property. Cavity Wall Compensation Claims have a dedicated team of surveyors, solicitors and highly skilled building professionals that can guide you through the whole process. Start your claim now.

Who Is Affected By Cavity Wall Insulation Problems?

If your house was built before the 1980s, it is possible that you have retrofitted walls and even if your home hasn’t developed any obvious signs of deterioration, it is unavoidable in the future.

UK Rain Exposure

Here are some of the poor insulation signs you should be aware of:

Damp walls
Rotting wood
Peeling wallpaper
Condensation on cold surfaces
Mould, mildew or fungus
Increasing energy bills
Subsidence and buckling walls

When it comes to poor cavity wall insulation, there are some materials that are more troublesome than others. Most complaints are caused by using blown mineral wool fibre as an insulation material. That’s because this material is not waterproof and the fibres can hold up to 240% moisture which means that your walls are not protected.

Another factor that makes cavity wall insulation worse is the number of external walls; the greater it is, the more exposed your house will be, especially if they’re facing the wind. Poor workmanship is of course the biggest problem, second only to unsuitable properties for cavity wall insulation. If cavity wall insulation was installed in irregular or incomplete patterns, there will be gaps in the insulation that will cause condensation and black mould, specially at ceiling level, ground level and between windows.

Of course, it’s possible that the gaps are already present as a defect in construction, but it is the installer’s job to survey the cavity and work on it only if it’s all cleared and that’s not usually how things go. But it’s not all about poor installation other properties affected included those exposed to more wind driven rain such as in the West of the UK, coastal properties in general were the moisture levels in the air are higher and system build properties, that is properties with steel or timber frames that require a clear cavity to avoid deterioration of their structural integrity.

Why Does Cavity Wall Insulation Affect So Many People

The main reason cavity wall insulation affects so many people is that the cost of it is funded by major energy providers, no matter what insulation company you hire. This, of course, is nothing but a direct response to Government pressure.

House Mould

Government requires energy companies to reach a specific amount of insulated homes, which means that suppliers are under pressure to reach government targets. If they don’t get as many homes insulated, as they should, they’re met with government fines. Here’s a list of the most well-known initiatives:

1. 1995 Kyoto protocol – committed to reduce greenhouse gases.
2. 2008 Climate Change Act – committed to reduce CO2 emissions.
3. 2008 Carbon Emissions Reduction Target – a five-year commitment to reduce CO2 made by energy firms.
4. 2008, 2010, 1011 Energy Act.
5. 2013 Ofgem Investigation into six major energy companies and their failure to  reach their targets.
6. 2013 Green Deal – an energy efficiency scheme paid for by the reduction in future heating bills.
7. 2015 ECO2 – the energy company’s obligation to provide £1.3 billion worth of energy saving funding every year, until 2017.

The total estimate of homes with cavity walls is over 19 million. Of those 19 million homes, 13.4 million have been insulated and that includes the 3.4 million homes that have been insulated since 2008. That means that cavity wall insulation installation is done in quite a hurry, and we know that nothing good can come from that.

Damp Walls Surveyor

Cavity wall insulation is not a tough sell for energy and insulation companies. After all, it is free of charge and logic tells homeowners that more layers mean more heat, which will reduce bills during the harshest seasons of the year.

Energy companies also benefit from positive PR even though the 7% levy on your energy bill is precisely what funds the scheme. Now, another important factor that we need to understand is the fact that government doesn’t actually control or oversee these policies even if the actions of energy companies are actually following government policy.

This is how the government can take the credit for saving the people so much money, but at the same time they can easily deny responsibility if and when the results are proven not to be positive or beneficial for homeowners, especially not in the long run.

How Can I Claim for Cavity Wall Insulation Compensation?

Compensation Settlement

The first thing you should know is that responsibility for your claim lies with the people who either sold you the cavity wall insulation service or who installed it. That’s why it’s necessary to have that information. However, if you can’t remember, we will help you deal with all the details. Just complete our simple contact form below and we’ll get the ball rolling on your claim.

Making a cavity wall compensation claim is simple, but we can make it easier for you. We will confirm that you’re eligible by assessing your claim, we will discuss your problems with you and request further information to make your case and we will also register your claim with the CIGA (Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency) and the installer. We can even arrange a FREE CIGA Certificate. We know the process inside out and the pitfalls which means you get a hassle free claim.

We also take it upon ourselves to visit your property and determine the scale of the problem, we will arrange rectification work, manage the compensation and any personal injury claim. The average compensation payout at this time is £23,000. The highest claim amount so far was £84,000. It’s your right to have the damage to your property repaired, the insulation removed and to receive compensation for all the trouble. Start your claim today, it takes less than a minute to complete the form below, why not get started now?

Cavity Wall Compensation Claims In The Media

The cavity wall insulation scandal is of massive proportions, potentially millions of homes are effected and questions are being asked in Parliament.

“Inappropriate cavity wall insulation in homes has become ‘a scandal’, MP claims” 18th April 2017
“Could the cavity-wall insulation crisis rival PPI?”
16th February 2015
The Telegraph
“1.5 million homes are blighted by damp after cowboy builders cash in”
21st January 2017
Daily Mail

What Kind Of Personal Injury Can Be Caused By Cavity Wall Insulation?

Personal injury is yet another consequence of poor cavity wall insulation and it can manifest in health issues such as respiratory problems or the worsening of existing conditions. Common injuries caused by cavity wall insulation problems include:

Personal Injury Claim
  • Fungal infections
  • Sickness
  • Vomit
  • Shortness of breath
  • Bronchitis
  • Asthma
  • Sinusitis
  • Infections
  • Eczema
  • Wheezing and coughing

When it comes to inadequate cavity wall insulation, mould is definitely a major concern because it produces allergens, irritants and even toxic substances that can harm your health by inhalation or direct contact with the mould. Mould can also worsen your asthma attacks if you already have this condition and it can even cause the condition, especially in young children. It is very difficult to avoid mould presence in your own home, but you should definitely avoid exposure for long periods of time while you look for a way to remove it from your property.

Without treatment, you will be risking serious damage to your property and possibly your health. The black mould that will eventually begin to grow on the affected walls is called Stachybotrys, this is a toxic mould that produces mycotoxins and it can be extremely dangerous to humans. In other words you have to do something!

Feedback From Recent Clients

“Absolute brilliant service from everyone at CWCC, they helped me through a claim for damage to my home caused by badly installed cavity wall insulation. I was awarded £11500 as compensation and I had no idea that I could make a claim before speaking to them. I would strongly recommend this company.”

Pete Stone Manchester

I came across cavity wall compensation by accident. I’ve had a problem with damp patches in the house for a while and I wasn’t aware that there was compensation available and free surveys, repairs and/or extraction. I thought what the hell lets see if I can claim, I’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m so glad I filled out the simple form with this company. They were in touch quickly, we went over a few details and a surveyor was booked to come round in a couple of days to view the problem and advice on my options.

Our damp issue has now been resolved, the mystery cough I had has also cleared up, seems that was the damp too! We got £8,000 compensation!! I couldn’t believe it but we’re excited to be able to treat ourselves with a special holiday and to still have a lump sum left over for emergencies.

I’d advice anyone to check if they’re eligible it only takes a minute and could be worth thousands. 😀

Mr & Mrs Peterson

“It was only when Cavity Wall Compensation Claims visited me that I realised the damp in my house had emerged soon after the cavity wall insulation was installed. The surveyor Mark did a full check of the house using a small electronic gadget to measure the level of damp in the walls, it was quiet shocking, even walls with no outside evidence of damp measured quiet high.

I’m glad I found this company, I’m finally getting rid of the damp in my house and getting some hefty compensation for all the years I’ve put up with it.”

Dave Arnold Warrington

Claim Now

Happy Couple Compensation Claim

The bottom line of the matter is that cavity wall insulation can cause serious issues to your home and to your health if the installation is not done properly.

The problem is that energy companies are under pressure from the government to achieve certain targets which means that most of cavity wall insulation jobs are done in a hurry. What’s more, there’s no guarantee to cover you if the cavity wall insulation turns out to be inadequate.

The only thing you can do is to make a cavity wall insulation claim so that the company or their insurer can cover the costs of repair and replacement. That’s what we’re here to help you with, so don’t hesitate to complete our short form and start your claim now.

You Have Nothing To Loose And Everything To Gain

Get the ball rolling now, we can have a surveyor out and checking your property within a few days, he will provide free professional advice and you could be on your way to compensation worth £10,000’s within the next few days. All by completing a tiny form that will take you less than a minute!

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